Speed read anything.

Hey, This is heyread.it. A great technique for reading fast. Right now your are reading at the speed of 300 words per minute (WPM). That is 20% faster than the average adult reader. Don't worry, we'll soon go faster! We're now going slightly faster with 350 words per minute. Still to slow? Ok, so now we're reading at the speed of 450 WPM. That is almost double average adult reading speed. Pretty cool, huh?

What is this?

Heyread.it is built to let you speed read news articles, blog posts, and other content all over the web.

Simply install the Bookmarklet and you're ready to go.

How to use it?

Just click the bookmarklet when on a page that you want to ready and Heyread.it will do it's best to select the main text of the page for you to read.

If you just want to speed-read a part of the page, just select the text that you want to read before clicking the bookmarklet.

Get the heyread.it button

Speed read Speed read Speed read Speed read

Let visitors speed read content on your own website by installing the heyread.it button. Just paste the following code snippet where you want the button:

Customize button

Control the size of the button by setting font-size property on the container element.

You can change the text of the button by changing the text within the <a> tag like this:

Read super fast! Swoosh…


Heyread.it is made by Jonatan Heyman. It was originally developed at Hackaway #1 - a 24 hour hackathon in the Stockholm archipelago.

This project is inspired by other speed reading software like Spritz.